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( Based off Final Fantasy , Phantasy Star Ocean, Star Ocean, Star Wars, Mass effect and many other beautiful and awesome kick ass games!) Welcome to Galaxy Gear! In a world where Military factions are all separated. Each owning there own continent or large piece of land. Ruiling each one with there own set of laws and presets. Who's good or evil? All is fair in love and war! Join Yun Corporations and there elite Super Solider Branch known as WARRIOR and there elite Super Secrect Agent Branch OPERATIVE. Battling Monsters and any other threat that may plague the precious city Tartarus. This is a pretty action packed RP. Filled with combat all over the place. You choose from a ton of races to pick from despite only having two factions to go in so it all works out! Not to mention or large class section that we have, allowing you to pick any kind of preset to fit your characters need, down to the last T. Join us now in a full scale adventure where your imagination is your only limitation! Step into the Ultimate blend of sci-fi and fantasy!

The Storm

The Storm Arc 1 Thunder on the left. Nimbus in the middle. Gale on the right.


At the moment were only looking for the two occupations that are avaliable. Anything outside of it will not be accepted.

Those Two Occupations are

  1. Special Task 'WARRIOR'
  2. Special Task 'OPRATIVE'

Want to know more about the RP!? Here's the Link to the Directory!

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